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Looking for a reliable, safe and cost-effective solution to manage CUI better than ever before?


Sensor sensitivity can be adapted to suit the environment and risk-level of the asset, providing comprehensive and tailored corrosion management control.


With our team’s strong technical foundations in the energy sector, we know that multiple configurations of corrosion and moisture sensors is most effective for monitoring piping systems. CorrosionRADAR’s extra-sensory protection (ESP) method can also be used to encircle pipes, vessels and vats for circumference corrosion detection. Helical configuration provides excellent coverage in an economical layout, suitable for protecting most assets, this will bring clarity and confidence to predictive corrosion management process.


Mesh configuration however, with its uncompromising coverage, can be used for the highest value vessels and pipework. The advantages of mesh coverage are likened to those of line or helical configurations, only emphasized. If you need ultra-clarity, total confidence and extra-sensory visualization to your highest value assets, mesh configuration sensory protection is for you.


See Applications for more information.

The interactive diagram illustrates the technology behind CorrosionRADAR products and shows installation configurations for optimum Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) monitoring. Inherent modularity and flexibility of CorrosionRADAR sensors allow deployment in various configurations; suiting all monitoring applications from simple to very complex structures.

Protect your operation against corrosion now

Solving the world industry’s greatest operational threat, Corrosion.

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