The interactive diagram illustrates the technology behind CorrosionRADAR products and shows installation configurations for optimum Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) monitoring. Inherent modularity and flexibility of CorrosionRADAR sensors allow deployment in various configurations; suiting all monitoring applications from simple to very complex structures.

The CorrosionRADAR system uses novel, distributed sensing technology for detecting and predicting Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). Comprised of a long thin flexible sensor, it can detect and locate corrosion and moisture in the most inhospitable and inaccessible locations. 


The remote monitoring and analytics system is specially developed to detect CUI using permanently mounted sensors.


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Coded electromagnetic signals are transmitted by the CorrosionRADAR sensor system. Data can be collected wirelessly through one of a variety of methods chosen by the client (e.g. WIFI, cellular, LoRa).


These data are analysed and presented over CorrosionRADAR's clear and simple dashboard, giving the location and extent of corrosion or moisture if present.



Sensor data are used to detect and predict corrosion development using a platform of advanced models and analytics, designed to be incorporated in an existing asset management system.

Data generated by the CorrosionRADAR system will greatly enhance a Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) programme, enabling the move to predictive corrosion management.

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Sensor sensitivity can be adapted to suit the environment and risk-level of the asset, providing comprehensive corrosion management control.


Multiple configurations of corrosion and moisture sensors are most effective for monitoring piping systems. This method can also be used to encircle pipes, vessels and vats for circumference corrosion detection.

Mesh configuration, with its uncompromising coverage, can be used for the highest value vessels and pipework. 


Helical configuration provides excellent coverage in an economical layout, suitable for protecting most assets. 

See Applications for more information.