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CorrosionRADAR Products

Enhancing safety, increasing productivity and delivering global solutions for CUI management.

How can CorrosionRADAR optimise the maintenance of your asset?

CorrosionRADAR Ltd (CR) specialises in providing Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) monitoring systems based on unique patented technology known as Electro-Magnetic Guided Radar (EMGR). The main products in our growing portfolio are the Corrosion Monitoring System and the Moisture Monitoring System which are important enablers for the move towards Predictive Corrosion Management (PCM).


CorrosionRADAR products and innovations are supported through technology partnerships and investments from major organisations across multiple sectors. 

Looking for a reliable, safe and cost-effective solution to manage CUI better than ever before?

Moisture Monitoring System

CR Moisture System detects, localises and monitors moisture under any type of insulation in the most inhospitable and inaccessible locations and in the assets with the most complex geometries.

The CR™ Moisture System helps you make informed decisions to:

  • Lower Maintenance Costs

  • Maximise Production Output

  • Reduce Unscheduled Shutdowns

  • Increase Safety

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CorrosionRADAR Monitoring System
CorrosionRADAR Moisture Corrosion.jpg
Corrosion Monitoring System

The CR Corrosion Monitoring System is capable of continuously monitoring the corrosivity level under any insulation type in the most inhospitable and inaccessible locations and in the assets with the most complex geometries and extreme operating temperatures.

Economical Benefits:

  • An estimated ~65% saving of CUI management budgets

  • Reducing the likelihood of unscheduled shutdowns > increase Production Time

  • Increase the effectiveness of the inspection programs > avoid “Over-Inspection” OR “Under-Inspection”

CR Clarity Risk Analytics

The CR Clarity platform hosts the data from the CR monitoring systems as well as third party sensors. It is used for data visualisation with a site wide dashboard and provides risk analytics for the monitored corrosion mechanisms including CUI.

With CR Clarity you can:

  • Remotely monitor assets with actionable insights

  • Monitor risks of corrosion with online sensors

  • Optimise inspection scope and costs

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Moisture Monitoring System
Risk Analysis
View our case studies


Explore some of our case studies to learn more about applications of our products and solutions to help predict, protect and monitor your assets.

Corrosion Monitoring of Production Column, in collaboration with Sitech

Learn more about complex geometry of production columns to monitor corrosion. Ensuring plant safety while significantly reducing maintenance costs.

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