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How a petrochemical plant saved millions in CUI management with remote monitoring

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is a pervasive problem across many industries, including the oil and gas industry, leading to costly repairs and maintenance. Sitech Services has found a solution to this problem by partnering with CorrosionRADAR, a company specialising in corrosion monitoring technology.

In an article published by Sitech, they highlighted the effectiveness of their collaboration with CorrosionRADAR in detecting corrosivity rate and moisture in vertical columns at their AnQore site. CorrosionRADAR installed sensors under the insulation, which sends a radar signal that accurately indicates where the risk of CUI is present. The data is then transmitted and continuously monitored, providing Sitech with timely and accurate information on CUI.

Sitech applied the CUI monitoring technology to this asset during a Turn Around in 2019. After three years of continuous monitoring, the team determined that water had penetrated the insulation, indicating an open aluminium cladding. Sitech was then able to draw up a targeted plan of action and as a result of the data transmitted, the measurements of the corrosivity detected were accurate to 1 meter, enabling them to pinpoint which areas needed intervention using rope access rather than costly scaffolding.

The benefits of CorrosionRADAR's CUI monitoring technology are clear. The success has led Sitech and CorrosionRADAR to extend their collaboration in the field of remote CUI monitoring, expanding the solution to their Chemelot site in the Netherlands, it is a testament to the effectiveness of the technology and the value it brings.

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