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CorrosionRADAR StarterPACK™ unlocks the value of predictive corrosion monitoring for CUI

Today marks the launch of the CorrosionRADAR StarterPACK™ which allows industry to try out predictive moisture and corrosion monitoring in a specially designed evaluation project. StarterPACK™ is a quick and easy way for companies to weigh up the benefits of Predictive Corrosion Management (PCM) in tackling the challenges of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). The CorrosionRADAR StarterPACK™ project is the definitive starting point in the journey towards PCM. Carefully designed to help companies make the right decision, StarterPACK™ provides the technical data and business justification required to support complete adoption of continuous online CUI monitoring and detection. StarterPACK™ aims to accelerate validation of data driven PCM across oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries. For operators, it means informed decision making, optimised maintenance programmes, safer and more reliable operations with decreased risk and more production uptime. StarterPACK™ is focused on CorrosionRADAR’s award-winning solution and combines the unique functionalities of its Moisture and Corrosion Monitoring Systems in one package, with a user-friendly analytics dashboard. Learn more on our Products web page. StarterPACK™ enables:

  • Continuous CUI detection, localisation and monitoring

  • Understanding on how data is transmitted, integrated and visualised

  • Understanding on how data is analysed for effective decision support

  • Reporting on business cases and ROI calculations

StarterPACK™ users have complete access to CorrosionRADAR resources and knowhow. CorrosionRADAR engineers help first by assessing

company needs, identifying system configuration, guiding system set-up and integration, then supporting with data interpretation and visualisation of CorrosionRADAR system outcomes. At the end of the project, companies will have generated the following in preparation for next steps:

  • System performance report

  • Business case and associated use cases

  • Recommended field deployment plan for scale-up.

We will be running a select number of projects this year and recommend that companies get in touch to discuss objectives and begin scoping project deliverables.

CorrosionRADAR® ATEX system

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