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CorrosionRADAR Present at the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo on CUI Monitoring

CorrosionRADAR attended the AMPP: Association for Materials Protection and Performance Annual Conference and Expo at the Colorado Convention Centre, where we had the opportunity to showcase our CUI monitoring solution. Two of CorrosionRADAR’s team members Freddie Talbot, Country Manager, and Claudia Martínez Piñón, Data Scientist, presented on crucial topics related to asset integrity and corrosion management. Their expertise and insights were invaluable to attendees, and they demonstrated how CorrosionRADAR's innovative technologies can help companies detect and manage corrosion-related issues more effectively.

Freddie Talbot, CorrosionRADAR’s Country Manager presented on "CUI Monitoring Technology for Predictive Management." Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), is a significant problem in many industrial settings, as it can cause severe damage to assets and result in costly downtime. Freddie’s presentation highlighted CorrosionRADAR's innovative approach to CUI monitoring, which uses non-invasive sensors and advanced analytics to provide early detection and proactive maintenance.

CorrosionRADAR's Data Scientist, Claudia Martínez Piñón, presented at the CUI Technical Symposium. Her talk focused on "Reducing CUI Risk with Remote Monitoring on Cold Duty Insulations" and delved into the use of Electro-Magnetic Guided Radar (EMGR) techniques for critical industrial assets, along with API 581 guidelines on risk-based inspection (RBI) to optimise inspection plans. Through her presentation, attendees gained insights into the benefits of remote monitoring for CUI prevention in cold duty insulation applications and how CorrosionRADAR's technology can help companies detect CUI in real-time, reducing the risk of asset damage and downtime.

Overall, the AMPP Annual Conference and Expo was an excellent opportunity for CorrosionRADAR to connect with customers and partners, share our expertise, and showcase our innovative CUI monitoring solution. As a company, CorrosionRADAR is committed to helping industrial asset owners and operators improve their asset integrity and attending events like the AMPP Annual Conference and Expo is an important part of that mission.

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