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Case Studies

Explore some of our case studies to learn more about applications of our products and solutions to help predict, protect and monitor your assets.

CUI monitoring system installed on a raw gas dryer

Read more about how earlier detection aids with corrosion prevention lowering costs and risk.

Dynamic Risk Assessment of LPG pipeline in arid climate in Saudi Arabi

Online Risk Monitoring of CUI for Cold Insulation Pressure Vessels and Pipes.

Remotely detect, monitor & predict Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Read more about how our CUI Risk levels guide inspection planning and help operators improve the effectiveness of their inspection strategies.

Corrosion Monitoring of Assets at Solvay

Discover the results from corrosion monitoring of four assets: horizontal pipeline; column; vertical pipe; column manholes.

Flexible Solutions for Corrosion Detection in Critical Process Equipment

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is a major threat to industry, with results
of CUI leading to high maintenance costs, unplanned shutdowns and in extreme cases, catastrophic failure.

Corrosion Monitoring of Production Column, in collaboration with Sitech

Learn more about complex geometry of production columns to monitor corrosion. Ensuring plant safety while significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Increasing Pipeline Uptime with Early Detection of Moisture

Find out how to fix assets that have been compromised when moisture ingresses into the insulation.

Protect your operation against corrosion now

Solving the world industry’s greatest operational threat, Corrosion.

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