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Interested in being part of the team?


CorrosionRADAR is recognised internationally for its smart technology, research and development focused on monitoring and predictive solutions to address problems with corrosion. 


By collecting and retaining great talent, we have grown from strength to strength, with a diversified team from a variety of backgrounds with a number of skills and talents.


We place a great deal of trust in our people, which is why our culture of an entrepreneurial spirit reinforced through collaboration and a 'team first' mentality. By ensuring all our employees feel empowered to pursue both their personal and professional goals, we routinely see the impossible happen.

If you would like to join a rapidly growing and exciting company, view our current vacancies below or send a prospective application to:

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Career Insight

​Chemistry was always one of my favourite subjects at school. I chose to study chemical engineering at university as I knew this would open up many possibilities. In my final year, I was torn between specialising in materials or the environment - I opted for environment.
Now, working at CorrosionRADAR, I am investigating corrosion and have a better understanding of how big a problem and how closely linked to the environment it is, causing waste of valuable resources, loss or contamination of products, reduced efficiency and more. I love combining laboratory experiments with research and working in a dynamic environment that allows me to learn new skills, like data analysis.
In the end, I didn't have to choose and ended up learning both fields - materials and the environment. Everything is related! 

Claudia Martinez Pinon

Corrosion Engineer, CorrosionRADAR

Part of Claudia's work involves monitoring corrosion rates using a specially designed Corrosion Under Insulation test rig. 

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