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Protect your operation with the world’s most accurate predictive corrosion management system. 

Make guesswork with asset integrity a thing of the past.

Through the powerful integration of hardware, data analytics and industry expertise, CorrosionRADAR offers the safest, most accurate and smartest predictive corrosion management in the world. With unique configurable sensor systems and intelligent data visualisation, you can understand and predict all aspects of your assets’ integrity. We understand that maintaining and maximising the value of your core assets can be difficult, especially when some of your assets are hidden.


It is for that reason we developed our integrated predictive corrosion monitoring technologies and services, all designed to enable you to safely and accurately monitor, analyse and predict corrosion in the most challenging environments. All of which mean more optimised performance and less unplanned shutdowns. You could call it prediction through the perfect integration of technology, data interpretation and experience. We call it ESP.

Glimpse into the future

Extra-Sensory Protection from CorrosionRADAR gives you total clarity of your inspection and maintenance needs, not just today, not just, tomorrow but into your assets long-term future.

We call this ESP. Find out how you can future-proof your operation today.

Mitigate your risks

Until now, operators have been forced to make critical asset integrity decisions in the dark. With ESP, you are empowered with clarity and confidence to assess, plan and repair your asset with total accuracy and efficiency. All this means less risk. And less shutdowns.

We simply call it ESP. 

Find out how you can future-proof your operation today

Beat Back Corrosion

CorrosionRADAR can safely and accurately monitor, analyse and predict corrosion. Harness the power of our expertise and the world’s most advanced predictive corrosion management technology for your operation.


Today is the day you finally beat your operation’s biggest adversary, corrosion.

This is ESP.


Predicting damage to your operation before it’s an issue?

We call it ESP.

Protect your operation against corrosion now

Solving the world industry’s greatest operational threat, Corrosion.

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