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Here at CorrosionRADAR we recognise that Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) impacts many industries worldwide. With this knowledge, our technologies and solutions have been designed with flexibility and adaptability at their core. While we strive for meaningful and impactful innovation to better our industry, and world, our design processes are, at all time, centred upon industrial application, ensuring that systems can be implemented in a variety of situations, no matter the complexity of challenge.

Modularity of the system allows corrosion and moisture sensors to be deployed at different stages of the asset lifecycle, helping to shape a complete sensing network for new and existing structure.

Looking for a reliable, safe and cost-effective solution to manage CUI better than ever before?

Flexible Applications

The number and placement of sensors can be adjusted to meet individual facility requirements. Sensor arrangements can be:

- single line
- multiple lines
- helical

- mesh 
- bespoke

The CorrosionRADAR node has been designed to attach in a variety of ways to suit the needs of each installation. Placement options include:

- external cladding / coating systems on piping systems or vessels
- nearby support structures
- instrument panel
- other bespoke configuration

helical alone_edited.png
line alone_edited.png



red factory.png




line alone.png


helical alone.png




Sensors are placed longitudinally along piping systems in single, multiple or helical arrangement for optimal CUI detection. The flexibility of our sensors means they can be installed around bends, valves and pipe supports with no loss of functionality. They are also capable of operating on all pipelines independent of pipe diameter, material and whether above or below ground with resistance to extreme temperatures of up/ down to -190 to +300 oC.


Sensors can be installed on vessels in either a mesh form giving comprehensive area coverage or in a focused arrangement covering CUI prone areas including flanges, supports and the lower portions. Both of these schematics allow for a far more concentrated coverage area, further reducing the risk of corrosion incidents and maintenance costs.


CorrosionRADAR Application.jpg

Industry Applications

Explore some of our case studies to learn more about applications of our products and solutions to help predict, protect and monitor your assets.



With extremely hazardous environments - especially on offshore rigs - it is impractical and expensive to continuously monitor assets using current inspection technologies. Not only that, but the industry continues to be subject to dramatic regulatory changes and growing demands worldwide for improvement and efficiencies. Moving to Predictive Corrosion Management, away from traditional RBI methods, presents a real opportunity for the Oil & Gas industry to maximise its potential and optimise its future viability.


​CorrosionRADAR's permanently installed distributed sensing system provides the ability to remotely monitor the integrity of assets, and reduce the costs and risks of loss of containment. The benefits of this are not simply reduced risk and costs on asset. With many eyes now on the industry to improve operational efficiencies and deliver sustainable yet reliable production, the time to realise PCM is now. CorrosionRADAR’s patented technologies and ESP promise is the Oil & Gas industry’s solution to reducing risks, costs and operational threats now and in the future.


Revolutionise the corrosion management process of: 

Refineries, Onshore Rigs & Offshore Rigs



With very high-value pipe and equipment additionally commanding near 100% uptimes, maintenance processes can make or break a Power and Utilities firm.


CorrosionRADAR's real-time monitoring enables companies to monitor corrosion development from its earliest stages. Availability of such critical data greatly enhances the development and streamlining of maintenance procedures, giving our customers real advantages in this highly competitive space.


CorrosionRADAR's real-time monitoring for: 

Power Plants, Storage Tanks, Captive Power Plants 



Industrial manufacturing typically constitutes very expensive assets that are often prone to corrosion that is hidden from plain sight and difficult to detect.


Thanks to their inherent flexibility and modularity, CorrosionRADAR sensors can be deployed to any complex structure and hard-to-reach area, not only to detect but also keep track of progression of corrosion in real time. They are suitable for all assets from piping systems to vessels and miscellaneous equipment.


CorrosionRADAR sensors are suitable for all assets:

Industrial, Infrastructure, Chemical Plants, Utility Pipelines



Renewable and civil infrastructures continue to play a crucial role in the growth and expansion of 21st century economies as well as comprising a significant portion of the global energy mix. This role will, undoubtedly, only increase with time. CorrosionRADAR’s team and technology is committed to enabling the Renewable and Civil Infrastructure industries with true innovation and technological advancement.


Our remote distributed monitoring systems play an important role in maintenance programs by streamlining corrosion maintenance activities, with payback periods of between months and 3 years. And, with ever-growing demand, it is imperative that infrastructures are maintained at optimum conditions. It is here that CorrosionRADAR’s PCM solutions bring real advancement and benefit to bare.


Predictive Corrosion Management solutions for:

Offshore and Onshore Wind Turbines, Nuclear Industry, Bridges, Tunnels & Civil Structures


Predicting damage to your operation before it's an issue?

We call it ESP: Extra-Sensory Protection
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