CorrosionRADAR recognises that corrosion under insulation severely impacts a variety of industries and have kept flexibility and adaptability at the core of its innovation and design process. This ensures that the CorrosionRADAR's systems can be implemented in a variety of situations. The modularity of the sensing system allows the corrosion and moisture sensors to be deployed at different stages and help to shape a complete sensing network for new and existing structures. 


Sensors are placed longitudinally along piping systems in single, multiple or helical arrangement for optimal corrosion under insulation detection.  Sensors are flexible and can be placed around bends, valves and pipe supports with no loss of functionality. They are also capable of operating on all pipelines independent of pipe diameter, material and whether above/below ground.

Sensors can be installed on vessels in either a mesh form giving comprehensive area coverage or in a focused arrangement, covering CUI prone areas including flanges, supports and the lower portions. Both of these schematics allow for a far more concentrated coverage area, further reducing the risk of corrosion incidents and maintenance costs.

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