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Seeing straight through the insulation:
That's CorrosionRADAR

Our advanced and patented systems can identify, localise

and monitor the presence of corrosion and moisture under

any type of insulation or any type of asset.

CorrosionRADAR enables data driven asset integrity management

Hidden corrosion threats like Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is better managed with online risk monitoring enabled by CorrosionRADAR solutions. Online risk dashboard powered by patented moisture and corrosion sensors under insulation makes inspection decisions much more efficient.

A new era of Corrosion Management

  • Remotely monitor CUI risks and condition of assets

  • Data driven decisions for asset integrity

  • Reduce risk while reducing inspection costs

Positive Outcomes

  • Reduce CUI risk in the RBI program with monitoring based assurance

  • Reduce maintenance costs up to 65% with CorrosionRADAR monitoring solutions

  • Take informed decisions of inspection scope for turnarounds to avoid surprises

  • Extend asset life with remote monitoring assurance

How can CorrosionRADAR optimise your CUI Management

Predictive Corrosion Management (PCM) has long been a goal of industries within the energy and goods producing sectors.

The pursuit of PCM has been driven by industry wide needs and ever growing demands to improve operational efficiencies and reduce risks and costs simultaneously. True predictive corrosion management would change the game, minimising corrosion damage on pipes and assets and enabling early repair and intervention.

Moisture Monitoring

The Moisture Monitoring System detects, localises and monitors moisture under any type of insulation.

Corrosion Monitoring

The Corrosion Monitoring System, continuously monitors corrosivity levels under all insulation types.


CR Clarity Risk Analytics

The Clarity platform hosts the data from the CR Monitoring Systems and calculates the CUI risk to your assets.

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View case studies

Explore some of our case studies to learn more about applications of our products and solutions to help predict, protect and monitor your assets.

Making Predictive Corrosion Management a reality

CorrosionRADAR is the corrosion under insulation expert you can depend upon for monitoring pipelines, refineries and so much more. Our patented monitoring technologies, paired with our established and committed team of experts, enable you to improve your operational efficiency, delivering quantifiable financial savings and empowering swift business decision making for the future.


Extra-Sensory Protection from CorrosionRADAR gives you total clarity of your inspection and maintenance needs, not just today, not just, tomorrow but into your assets long-term future.


CUI Site Survey

CUI Site Survey quickly identifies and summarises site wide risks of CUI to assets. A Return On Investment (ROI) Estimation service provided by CorrosionRADAR experts help the end users build a business case.

Business Case and Outcomes

With the use of online monitoring and risk analytics, there are several proven use cases of positive ROI, increased safety and reduced costs:

Cost saving of upto

With CUI monitoring, a major NGLF plant could significantly reduce CUI inspection costs with optimised inspection scope for cold insulations.

Reduce scheduled downtime

Unnecessary inspections can be avoided by reducing the scope of a turnaround using insights from monitoring. e.g. Just one day of reduced turnaround scope can lead to multi-million dollars in additional production revenues.

Reduce unscheduled shutdowns (save several thousand USD

With the insights provided by monitoring systems and analytics, a petrochemical company could avert an unscheduled shutdown saving a potential loss of upto 800,000 USD.

Statutory compliance

The statutory compliance for systems such as Cryogenic Pressure Vessels using monitoring and risk analytics can lead to extended inspection intervals leading to reduced scheduled downtime thereby increased production revenues.

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