CorrosionRADAR is a novel distributed sensing technology for detecting and predicting hidden corrosion. Comprised of a long thin flexible sensor, it can detect and locate corrosion and moisture in the most difficult, inhospitable and inaccessible locations.

The new remote monitoring and analytics system is specially developed to monitor Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) using permanently mounted sensors detecting corrosion and moisture in insulation.



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Using localised (corrosion and moisture sensors) we can monitor localised points with high sensitivity


PREDICT Hidden Corrosion


The coded electromagnetic signals are wirelessly transmitted through battery powered devices. The data is collected periodically through the network of corrosion and moisture sensors which communicate to a gateway, analysing the location and severity of the corrosion, if present.


The sensor data can remotely detect and predict corrosion development using advanced model and analytics. This can be incorporated into the existing pipe management system of the asset owner. Data is used for more effective Risk Based Inspection (RBI) program and a predictive corrosion management is enabled using the CorrosionRADAR system.

DMS (Dual Modality Sensing) provide a corrosion and moisture combination

Lines (corrosion and moisture sensors) will monitor long range stretches of pipelines 

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