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​​​​CorrosionRADAR system includes permanently installed flexible long range sensors, and analytical packages. The sensor is mounted on the exterior surface of a pipe and runs through its whole length and can cover flanges, bends and pipe supports thanks to its flexible structure.

The sensors collect data periodically at the predefined time intervals to detect the onset of corrosion on the external surface of pipes. 


CorrosionRADAR is a breakthrough patented sensing technology for monitoring corrosion in applications such as corrosion under insulation (CUI), corrosion under pipe support (CUPS) and  buried pipe corrosion. CorrosionRADAR can pinpoint location of hidden corrosion thereby reducing the risk of leakages and cost of inspection.

CorrosionRADAR can detect and locate corrosion in the most difficult, inhospitable and inaccessible environments including pipe racks, pipe bends, buried pipelines etc.



Discover Hidden Corrosion

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Data on the state of corrosion is then periodically collected through wireless communication using CorrosionRADAR instruments, or  manually by a field technician. 

The technician can be an employee of the asset owner, third party service agency or CorrosionRADAR personnel depending on the terms and conditions of the contract.

​​​​Upon collection, the data is analysed by the CorrosionRADAR analytical packages for producing a detailed report. Moreover, the analysed data can be incorporated into the existing pipe management system of the asset owner.

A validation inspection and repair program is finally scheduled by the asset owner or the assigned contractor based on the corrosion prone locations that are identified by CorrosionRADAR. Hence, cost of blind inspection is significantly reduced to a fraction by directly inspecting the suspicious zones only, as identified by CorrosionRADAR system.