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Corrosion is a massive problem across many industries, leading to billions of dollars of losses each year. This is particularly felt within the petrochemical and power industries who suffer from critical corrosion within their pipework. This problem is accentuated in thermally insulated pipes where corrosion on the outer surface of the pipes remains undetected due to the surrounding insulation. Globally, 700+ petrochemical refineries spend an annual amount of >£1 billion just to strip off insulation for visual inspections.

A potential game changer, CorrosionRADAR can reduce the need for CUI inspections from 100% to a small fraction of insulated pipes by enabling remote monitoring through permanently installed sensors. CorrosionRADAR is especially useful to locate corrosion under insulation (CUI), corrosion under pipe support (CUPS) and corrosion in buried pipelines. Below are the list of industries that can benefit from CorrosionRADAR technology;