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The number and placement of the sensors can be adjusted to meet the individual facility requirements. Sensor arrangements can be:
- single line
- multiple line
- helical
- bespoke

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Sensors can be installed on vessels in either a mesh form giving comprehensive area coverage, or focused arrangement covering CUI prone areas including flanges, supports and the lower portion of the vessel. 


CorrosionRADAR recognise that corrosion severely impacts a variety of industries and have designed our products to be installed in a variety of configurations to meet the need for each application


Sensors placed longitudinally along pipework in single, multiple or helical arrangement.  Sensors are flexible and can be placed around bends, valves and pipe supports with no loss of functionality. Sensors are capable of operating on all pipelines independent of pipe diameter, material and whether above/underground.


CorrosionRADAR nodes have been designed to attach to a variety of methods to suit each installations individual need, options include:
- external cladding on
 pipework or vessel
- nearby support structures
- instrument panel
- bespoke design