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​CorrosionRADAR, a spin-out of Cranfield University and a company from the oil and gas supply chain, strives to be a global leader in remote sensing technologies and advanced analytics systems for smart infrastructures. Monitoring the Corrosion and Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) that can cause catastrophic failures and major downtime for the Oil & Gas sector, are the main focus of the company. ​​

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CorrosionRADAR is actively looking for industrial sponsors, partners and investors to accelerate commercialisation of this breakthrough technology. Can you afford not to be part of this exciting venture? 

We want to reduce your maintenance costs without compromising on the safety of your people, assets or environment. This will also lead to reducing downtime and maximising Oil & Gas recovery and contribute to the supply chain exports over the decade.

​Beyond periodic inspection of pipelines, CorrosionRADAR team continues its research for online monitoring of corrosion and algorithms to quantify severity of corrosion and moisture. Our research facility is based in Cranfield Technology Park in Bedfordshire, UK. 

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