​​​​​CorrosionRADAR Permanently embedded sensor

Automated Wireless Data Logging

In comparison to other existing technologies in the market, CorrosionRADAR offers key advantages such as;  inspection range of up to a kilometer, flexibility which enables the sensor to be used on flanges, pipe support or any other complex geometry, and finally its comparably low cost.

  • Full pipe length coverage
  • Fast & Remote Sensing
  • Cost Effective
  • Complementary to existing NDT techniques


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​​​One of the key advantages of the technology lies in its versatility and applicability to various industry sectors. Essentially wherever monitoring the corrosion & corrosion under insulation is required, CorrosionRADAR can provide cost effective, smart and environmental friendly solutions.

  • Corrosion Under Insulation
  • Corrosion under pipe supports
  • Corrosion in buried pipelines
  • Corrosion in large & complex structures
  • Corrosion in complex geometry - e.g. flanges, bends, discontinuities
  • Corrosion in reinforced concretes

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​​​​​​CorrosionRADAR is a patented sensing system comprised of a thin long flexible sensor which can detect and locate corrosion in the most difficult, inhospitable and inaccessible environments including pipe racks, pipe bends, buried pipelines etc.

  • Permanent & Embedded 
  • ​Wireless enabled 
  • Distributed sensing
  • Long Range & Accuracy – Up to 1,000 metres monitoring with one sensor
  • Modular Sensing System - Multiple sensor units enables scalability​


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